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We are going to try a new technology in our "Cold" bush this year. We call our Rt 110 bush a cold bush since its North facing and doesn't get much sun. The runs do not last long in this bush since the sun goes behind the mountain at 3:00. The sun is what really make the trees run..But hopefully with a little bit of vuccum from our new shurflow pump, things will flow a little stronger and a little longer. We are hoping to give this pump its first test this coming weekend so we can fix air leaks before the season takes off!

Update on the Shurflo System: 3-6-16

The shurflo system has been a challenge to get working correctly! I finally have everything setup correctly to get an increase in sap production. After repairing leaks and animal damaged lines, tightening all connections, replacing saddles and fittings, i have able to get 16" of vaccum during a small sap run. Pretty good for a place to start! They say with every 4" of vac gained, you increase production by 20%, so any vac is better than no vac! Once we get a good run, i am hoping to be around 20" which will be comparable to some commercial vaccum setups! Not too bad for very little of an investment!

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